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Where Turning Parking Lots into Welcome Mats is our Specialty!

Asphalt is our specialty. Trust us to repair, install, or maintain your asphalt to give you a roadway or parking lot you can be proud of. Lots and Lines will help recommend the most appropriate asphalt maintenance method based on the condition of your pavement. We provide superior maintenance options for apartment complexes, schools, churches, business owners, corporate facilities, property managers and more! You’ll benefit from our dedication to quality products and fair pricing. 

Hey, we get it. The asphalt or concrete lot outside of your brick & mortar isn't the first thing on your mind as a business owner. You're not alone. Even the most observant business owners aren't giving much thought to the parking spaces or traffic control in their parking lot. Not to mention the havoc our ND winters can wreak on your property. That's where we come in. The truth of it is that you could be selling yourself and your business short.
Still not sure? Not a problem! We want you to have a clear understanding of the benefits from maintaining your parking lot with Lots and Lines on your side. Here are just a few reasons you should consider maintaining your property:
Often times, a customers initial judgement of a business is based on the parking lot they are parking in. Having a clean lot, clearly labeled parking, fresh paint, and a smooth surface could be just the ticket! Thorough communication and dedication is the name of our game, here at Lots and Lines. We are the team you can trust to turn your parking lot into a welcome mat.
Want to talk with us about your parking lot, drive way or anything else? Give us a call!

Affordable & long-lasting

Asphalt is extremely long-lasting! When well maintained, asphalt can last for decades. However, small cracks will turn into BIG problems resulting in a full replacement. Tackling those repairs will inevitably save you money now, and in the long-run! Your pavement can look great without breaking the bank. Our cost-effective solutions are sure to please, whether you need residential or commercial work done. Work with us to figure out how to maintain on any budget. Your pavement is an investment worth maintaining. You'll thank us later!

Reduce accidents

Ensure the safety of your customers on your property. Defined lines, signage and a smooth, clean surface will help drivers navigate cautiously.

Maximize space

Without a clean, marked lot, cars will be scattered any which way! Less organization leads to a loss in space, parking availability and a potential customer.

Curb appeal

A well maintained lot shows just how much you care about your business, from inside to outside. Attention to your lot, shows a lot.

Accessible parking

ND state laws follow the provisions of the ADA for accessible parking. It is a crucial step in designing your layout, and one that we are here to help you with.

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